Premiere: Dream Job – “Hour of Need” (fka Half Hearted Hero)

New Bedford’s Half Hearted Hero recently announced that after twelve years of playing together, they’ve changed their name to Dream Job.

“Our desire for movement has taken us on many journeys, both creatively and geographically… but for now and the foreseeable future, we need to call ourselves something different. Because these songs are different,” the band posted last week on Facebook.

In addition, Dream Job released two new tracks that are part of a larger collection of songs they’ve been working on and decided to release them as “a little teaser to let people know we’re [still] here,” according to singer/guitar player Anthony Savino. “After two years of writing and recording, it feels really good to be ‘open for business.’”

Stream “Hour of Need” below, the first new music since their full-length, Isn’t Real (2016, Animal Style).

“I wrote the lyrics after I heard a story about a dog on a pet adoption site. She’d been found in the woods and was pregnant with pups. I thought it was an incredible story, and was grateful for whoever found her and was bringing attention to her. When [our bassist] Meyer Brown brought this piece of music and melody with a positive, upbeat energy, I thought it’d be interesting to try and tell this story… I came up with my own ending and put the lyrics in first person.”

As for what the near future holds for Dream Job, Savino said “we’re definitely looking to play shows now.”

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