Coalmine Canary – At Least for Last Night (Discography) Cassette Tape in Limited Edition Green


Coalmine Canary was a Lowell, MA based emo band active from 2008-2010. Now, for the first time, the band has released a limited run physical copy of their discography, “At Least For Last Night”, on tinted green cassette tapes.

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Professionally dubbed green tinted cassette in a limited run of 30. Includes 6 bonus live tracks. Hand numbered.


  1. At Least for Last Night 02:40
  2. 127 Fourth Avenue 01:36
  3. Make it Rain 02:17
  4. Entitlement 01:46
  5. More Nervous in the Center 02:29
  6. Rubbish 01:39
  7. Casio Number Forty-Five 03:12
  8. Mount Doom 01:10
  9. Greek Mythology 02:22
  10. Something About Cartography 02:50
  11. Drawbridge Blues 03:05
  12. That Light, His Light, in that Car, is On 05:58
  13. A Willie Nelson Song (2008) 04:18
  14. Eight Ropes 04:03
  15. A Willie Nelson Song (2009) 04:32
  16. Jane’s Song 02:23
  17. Doppelgangers in Disguise 03:16
  18. Ivory Towers 03:10


“At Least for Last Night” is a time capsule love letter. The 24 track cassette, captures most of the discography of Coalmine Canary, an apt name for a short lived project. In October 2008, Justin Demers, Shawn Massak, and Andrew Mello started writing noisy lo-fi folk songs and recording them on an internal mic on an old Mac computer. Just over a year later, after graduations, 25 shows across six states, a house break-in and stolen equipment, line-up changes, a new sound that cut the drum machine for twinkly emo, and fallout between friends, Coalmine Canary broke up.
“At Least for Last Night” captures the uncertainty of that time in all of its fractious beauty. The songs showcase a band coming to terms with a developing sound. “Entitlement” features the bands use of entwining male-female vocals (provided by Massak and Jane Wisehart), haunting instrumentation provided by Justin Demers on Guitar and Mandolin, and Nick Stockwell’s heartbeat baseline to tie it all together. In contrast, “Something About Cartography” is a grainy keyboard driven track that sounds like it may have been pulled from Daniel Johnston’s back catalog. Somewhere in the middle is “A Willie Nelson Song (2009)”, a full band ballad with layered vocals, swirling guitars, and even a melodica centered bridge
Musically, the tape would appeal to fans of Owen, Pedro the Lion, and Carissa’s Wierd though the strength of the project lies in its completionist zeal for a full story of a mostly forgotten band.
released May 12, 2018


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